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only requires a working model, willingness to learn, hard work and serious commitment.

I promise you’ll get no hyped up sales pitch from me, just facts and free information.

If you’re not making all the money you want to make working from home, most likely you just need some help and guidance, like a friend that will work shoulder to shoulder with you.

If you or someone you know is looking for a successful career working at home, contact me. It is my joy and passion to help people find true freedom with their own work at home business.


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steve luxenberg

“I met partnered with Rick Weitl in 2002 through the internet. He quickly became our organization’s top producer and my right hand man. From a remote mountain town in northern California Rick built a $100,000 plus residual income in just 2 years! Patient, caring, available, visionary, inspiring and motivating are all words I would use to describe Rick Weitl. I think he is one of the best personal trainers in the industry. You’re very lucky to have found him.” ~ Steve L.


scott mccollum

“In my early years I struggled in trying to build an income working at home but working with Rick has been a lot of fun and made a huge difference for me. I have worked with Rick for ten years and not only has he been a great partner in internet marketing from home, he has also become a trusted friend. If you are coach-able and motivated to earn income working at home Rick can help you do that. He has always been available and supportive in helping me grow my business.” ~ Scott M.


Colleen Wilkens

“I have been working with Rick for almost 8 years now. He is a fantastic trainer and coach. Rick knows our industry inside and out and can teach it to others almost effortlessly. He is not only a serious businessman, he is also a great friend and has always been there for me. You could not do any better than to partner with Rick.”
~ Colleen W.


“I’ve worked with Rick for over six years and he has always been available to help. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has been very valuable to me and my business. For anyone that wants to create a substantial income working at home Rick is the guy to partner with.” ~ Kevin S.