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  2. Hey Rick,

    A special thank you for introducing me to Lindsey Stirling on facebook!!! It has made my Month of April!
    After watching her being removed from America has talent I had to check her out further…They were wrong!

    She is music you have to watch and it is more than that… her #1 Fan, The Bus-Happy Easter, Ugly sweater and pumpkins videos tells the story behind the musician. She is a real person that has more energy than the energizer bunnie.

    I have also picked up other groups; Pentatonix and The Piano Guys with more to come!

    What a find, just watching a couple videos can invigorate my day!

    Kevin M Darden

    PS I tried one of your old email addresses ( is this still working?

    1. Thank you Kevin,

      It is great to hear from you. I agree, Lindsey Stirling is just awesome and such a great personality. I watch her videos often and they always pick me up.

      I still have that email but don’t check it very often, my best email is

      Would be very happy to chat with you and get caught up. What are you working on these days?

      Let’s talk soon,


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