iLivingApp iLA Compensation Enhancement ~ Coded Bonus!

iLAPayDayiLivingApp | iLA is without a doubt one of the hottest new work at home businesses to hit the marketplace this year. The explosive viral growth began during their first 30 days of taking pre-enrollments prior to the start of their pre-launch, where they enrolled a staggering 40,000+ people!

iLivingApp | iLA is a mobile application that delivers high quality personal development videos to a persons mobile device. It is available as an iPhone app and an Android version as well as a web-application that can be accessed from a computer.

The compensation plan iLA uses is known as a 3×7 matrix with no hoops to jump through in order to be paid. Unlike other work at home opportunities that require you to reach certain management levels or a certain amount of volume to be paid on your entire organization, iLA pays every “active associate” and to be an “active associate” is as easy as having a $9.95 per month active subscription and  members are paid on every person in their matrix regardless if they put them there or not. That is very unique among multi-level companies that utilize this type of compensation plan.

iLA just announced an enhancement to their compensation plan in the form of a coded bonus, which is well known in the industry to be responsible for the biggest as well as the fastest growing checks the industry has ever seen.

This new compensation enhancement is going to accomplish two things right up front. It will enable participants to get paid faster and weekly while their back-end residual is growing and it will also create much more growth and momentum to the entire matrix. Which of course is a huge benefit to everyone involved. The best way to get people to do something is to pay them and in this case iLA is paying it’s members quite well to promote their product and enroll new members.

Click the video to see the new enhancements explained in detail:

iLA Coded Bonus

In a nutshell the three steps to get the most out of iLA’s new compensation enhancement are as follows:

Step 1 – Enroll 3 and qualify for the $5 Managing Associate coded bonuses as well as a 10% matching bonus on the matrix earnings of those three.

Step 2 – Enroll 3 more subscribers and qualify for $8 Senior Associate coded bonuses as well as a 20% matching bonus on the matrix earnings of those 6 people.

Step 3 – Enroll 4 more subscribers and qualify for $9 Executive Associate coded bonuses as well as a 40% matching bonus on the matrix earnings of those 10 people you’ve so far enrolled, and that includes every person you enroll from that point on.

The video does a much better job of explaining this new enhancement of the iLA compensation plan.

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