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iLivingApp enters its second day!

February 1st 2013 marks the beginning of the pre-launch period for iLA or iLivingApp.

iLA | iLivingAppiLivingApp is alive and well.

So far there do not seem to be any major issues with the application or the platform on which it is built and run. As the whole purpose of a pre-launch is to test systems and tweak the machine therefore every day is another test.

The company appears to be rolling out the features in a timely fashion. It would not be abnormal for a company such as this to experience delays of one type or another however, so far iLA has not seemed to experience any of these. They just seem to move one foot in front of the other just as smooth as could be.

With over 40,000 pre-enrolled subscribers that signed up for the service in only 30 days prior to the pre-launch it only stands to reason that there is a place in the market for this product and this concept. At the very least there is an interest in this program called iLA or iLivingApp or Inspired Living App.

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by Rick Weitl

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