Just Tell Me I Can’t…

I realize that I should write a blog post every day but sometimes I just have a hard time thinking of something to write about or share with you. The funny thing is when I am out driving or hiking or even mowing the lawn I often think of great things to write about. But of course by the time I make it back to my computer, once again I am fresh out of ideas.

You know when I find to be the most inspiring time for me? When I’m just about to fall asleep… LOL…!

I bet you can relate to that, it seems we get our best ideas when we are just too comfortable to take a moment and jot them down.

Well I did think of something I have wanted to share with everyone and it is this.

This young woman, Lindsey Stirling, who I think is just an amazingly talented woman with an absolutely lovable personality, appeared on “Americas Got Talent” a few years ago and was kicked off the show and told by Pierce Morgan, who I think is a complete idiot by the way, that she sounded like “rats being drowned” and that she would never make it in the music industry because what she did was “just not marketable.”

Well here we are just a few short years later and she is touring around the world and playing to sold out crowds everywhere she goes. She has developed an amazing following. In this video you can see what others have to say about her…

But one of the things that I just love about Lindsey is that even when she was told she couldn’t do something she went and did it anyway. I just love and admire people like that.

I endured the same kind of negative input from my family for many years as I pursued my dreams of building a network marketing business and a six figure residual income. I’ve lost track of how many times I have been told I couldn’t do something.

Like when I graduated from high school and decided I wanted to become a deep sea diver. Many of my friends and of course family thought I was just a dreamer and always told me I needed to stop being such a dreamer and let go of my fantasies for they would ruin me.

Well of course I did go on to become a deep sea diver and worked for many years in the offshore oilfields as a commercial diver and had an blast doing it too.

In the mid 80’s our work in the oil fields just dried up and there was very little work to be found. So I moved back to California unsure of what I would do next until I came up with the brilliant idea that I would go into the Army and learn to train military police dogs, something I thought would be a lot of fun.

military working dogOf course the recruiter told me I could train dogs in the Army but he just needed another notch in his belt to meet his quota for the month so just like a used car salesman he would say anything to get me to sign the papers. But once I got in and through my initial training I was told that I would have to work as a MP on the road for at least two years and be an E4 before I could be accepted into dog school.

Well here we go again… I just asked for the paperwork I needed to apply, they gave it to me and I applied and just like they said I was turned down.

So what did I do next? I applied again and got turned down again. It wasn’t until the third time I applied, keep in mind I still was not an E4 and had not been in the Army for even one year yet, but I was not about to let those minor details prevent me from trying and sure enough on my third try I did get accepted to dog school and went on to have a lot of fun training military police dogs for the next several years.

I only tell you all this because I realized that if you are one of those kinds of people that go on to do something even when you’ve been told you can’t do that, well then I would say you are probably also the kind of person that is going to have great success doing anything you decide to do.

If you want to build your own business from home then just go on and do it. Forget what your detractors are telling you and just do it. I have no doubt you will get it done.

I have found that because of this pattern in my own life that when people tell me I can’t do something I start to get real excited because I know I am on the right track and I know I’m going to do it anyway.

When I first talked to some people I know well, about the business I’m currently building and they said it wouldn’t work and I couldn’t do that, I just knew I was on to something. And of course it is turning out to be the best work at home business I have ever found. Ha!

Eat your heart out all you naysayers!

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