MLM Truth and Fair Weather Friends

Here is just one more MLM Truth or network marketing reality that really sucks.

MLM TruthsHave you ever noticed how your “friends” who get involved in an MLM that get so brainwashed by the hype and empty promises, and they try so hard to convince you to believe what they believe and when you don’t fall into the same trap they’re in they just stop being  your friend?

I’ve certainly seen my share of that.

Or how about the people that call you a “friend” while you are part of their down line and then when you realize this “business” is only costing you money and so far you have dumped thousands of dollars into it and have not seen a dime of return so you come to your senses and quit the business, then your “friend” quits being your “friend”.

I’ve seen that many times too.

In the book “The Case For and Against MLM” (that is a link where you can download the entire book for FREE) researchers found:

“MLM observers have noticed cultish and even compulsive behavior from MLM participation. Some MLMs adopt cultist patterns in recruitment and retention of members, becoming a rather closed society. Also, the devolution of “MLM junkies” has been observed, with traits of addiction similar to those for other addictions.”

“The program becomes a closed market system, in which products are sold primarily through (and to) a down line of participants (and sympathetic family members) and seldom to legitimate customers at retail prices. This alone should qualify it as an illegal pyramid scheme.”


“Personal losses can be substantial, including psychological, social, and spiritual harm – far outside of the norm for legitimate businesses. Some MLM participants lose far more than money for their participation. We often hear of marriages and families broken up, credit cards maxed out,, bankruptcies, long-term friendships ruined, religious and other groups stressed or broken up, even suicides – all from single-minded dedication to a recruitment-driven MLM. In fact, the more committed a person is to an MLM, the greater the likelihood that he/she will suffer at least some of these consequences.

Also, disturbing tendencies to move away from ethical and charitable motivations to a more materialistic and greedy persona often becomes apparent from MLM participation. These personality changes help explain why some see MLM as an unethical business model.

Considering all the harmful effects of MLM, it is easy to see why MLMs are far more harmful than classic, no-product pyramid schemes. They have a higher loss rate, cause far greater losses in the aggregate, and affect far more victims. They also have a much lower payout ratio for distributors, since most of the proceeds go to products and infrastructure, and some to the founders. Conversely, in no-product pyramid schemes, all the money goes to the person at the top, but the down line consists of only a few persons, who theoretically can move up to take their turn at the top.”

Like I mentioned, I am not advocating this book or its author, it’s just from what I have personally witnessed in my 20 plus years in the MLM industry so much of what I read in that book rings true to me. I have personally seen people lose their homes, get into serious debt, marriages destroyed and long time friendships ruined by a network marketing addiction.

What I’ve also found disturbing is the ones that claim that their program is “not really MLM”, Ha! Ha!

It’s scary that they can even say that with a straight face.

Look, if the program is based on “pay to play” meaning people have to purchase certain products in order to be able to sell those products and participate in the compensation plan, and the model is based on an endless chain of recruiters recruiting recruiters to recruit, then it doesn’t really matter how you tweak the compensation plan, that is an example of an MLM or Network Marketing deal.

mlm truthsI mean if you take a horse and paint stripes on it to make it look like a zebra is it now a zebra? Or is it still a horse?

It’s the same thing, it doesn’t matter how you dress it up!

The reason I keep referring to “The Case For and Against MLM” is that it is research based on numbers and statistics on over 500 MLM companies and over 18 years of compiling data. Numbers don’t lie, they are not emotional, they just are what they are, numbers.

I am going to continue to expose the inherent flaws in the network marketing model which are quite numerous, much more than can be discussed in one or two blog posts, and try to save as many people as possible.

Why would I do this?

Well for one and probably the most important reason to me is that I actually care about people and I have seen way too many people get hurt with network marketing. I can no longer remain silent about it. That’s just… “Not how I roll.”

For years I have really enjoyed helping people find a way to become self-employed at home and buy their lives back. My hope is to save as many people as possible from the damaging effects of getting sucked into the hyped up empty promises of dead end network marketing “opportunities” while at the same time introduce them to a much better model.

A model that does not have “Pay to Play“, in other words it does not cost a dime to become involved with, there are NO “auto-ships” or monthly purchase requirements.

It is completely based on real shopping by real customers just purchasing the everyday necessities that they already purchase, things like gas, groceries, dinners out, clothing and other essentials that we all shop for daily from the same merchants we currently purchase from!

In the past few years I have felt there must be big changes coming to the work at home business model, I really had no idea what it might be, but after years of seeing the typical MLM or network marketing models not working for more that 99% of the people that attempt it, I knew that it was no longer a long-term solution for the masses and now have serious doubts if it ever was.

I knew there must be a better way.

When I was first introduced to a ten year old international giant with a different model, I just knew I was looking at it.

The evolution of the work at home business!

Something that could not hurt people but could only help.

It could not hurt because there is nothing to purchase, it doesn’t cost anything to use or participate in. Heck they don’t even have website fees!

People just shop like they already shop, for the same items they currently purchase from the same merchants they currently purchase from.

Could anything make more sense than that?

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