Network Marketing Flaws – Why Now?

Since I started writing articles detailing all the flaws with the network marketing model I have begun to get emails and calls asking why am I doing this now?

Most of you that know me, know that I made a lot of money in the network marketing industry and it must seem very odd that I would now be posting articles telling everyone why they should avoid almost all network marketing “opportunities”.

network marketingSo I thought “Well then let me clear up some things before I keep going on exposing all the flaws with the network marketing business model…”

What some of you don’t realize is that it was just a few years ago I had a very successful network marketing business complete with a six figure residual income stolen from me. Yes, that is not a misprint, stolen from me.

That was just the beginning of my enlightenment about the flaws with the MLM model and the myths of network marketing. Myths that I had also bought into for so many years and believed in so much those beliefs almost became the end of me.

I really laid low for several years while I tried to find another program that would work for me but it was hard to get excited about anything in the network marketing industry because every time I looked at another one I immediately saw the flaws.

Having been exposed to what can actually happen once you build a large income in the network marketing industry I was now quite sensitive to the flaws and they just stuck out like a sore thumb.

network marketingMy faith in the industry almost destroyed me because I was suffering from an addiction that I didn’t even know I had. I was an “MLM Junkie!” Which as it turns out is not much different than most other addictions. I was quite dysfunctional and as the money slowly disappeared I found it almost impossible to function again in a normal work environment.

The most painful and tragic experience of my fall from the top was when I lost the most precious relationship I had ever had in my life.  That’s right the love of my life kicked me to the curb and sent me packing.

I can’t blame her, I was a mess. The big income was gone, my confidence was gone and I had gotten to a point where I could barely stand to look at the person I saw in the mirror.

It’s really only my strong faith in God that kept me going. I truly believe that God will never pile more on you than you can bear and He will never close one door without opening another. My job was not to understand why, it was only to find the other door that was being opened for me.

It didn’t come right away but as I continued to search it eventually presented itself to me.

network marketingI knew that the old network marketing model was broken and I realized that more than 99% of the people getting into a business like that were only going to lose money.

It is not broken for the companies but it is certainly broken for all the millions of people that are getting into these businesses and having it cost them thousands of dollars and countless lost opportunities while they run on the hamsters wheel and get nowhere.

Does this mean that I think ALL network marketing companies are bad? No, I still purchase some products and services from a few. I just don’t actively build them as a business or promote them as opportunities to become financially secure. Because they’re not.

I had to find a way for people to have real financial success with a work at home business model before I could promote anything like that again.

Which brings back to the point I wanted to make and explain “Why now?”

The reasons I have begun to write so much about all the flaws of the industry is two parts.

First I hope to help as many people as possible avoid the mess they could make of their lives by falling into the trap of network marketing.

Second, I finally found the answer for the work at home entrepreneur that does not have all the flaws of network marketing. I mean it just wouldn’t be right to go out there and tell everyone they are heading down the wrong path if I didn’t have an option for them after having made a lot of money in the industry myself.

But I ask you…

Does this look a little different than what you are finding available in the work at home industry?

  • No Sign Up Fees
  • No Business Kits to Purchase
  • No Monthly Minimum Purchases
  • No Auto-Ship
  • No Attrition
  • No Website Fees
  • No Overpriced Products
  • No Added Expenses

No games, No gimmicks, No tricks just continue to do what you already do and get paid for it.

If you would like to learn more simply complete the form HERE and watch your inbox for more details.

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Rick Weitl

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I hope my articles help you consider your options with a work at home business and realize the risks involved with network marketing.

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