What is Blogging? How to Make Money with Blogging

What is blogging? Blogging is a way of sharing information online. The term “blog” comes from the words “web log” that have obviously been joined together to create the word “blog”.

Initially these were websites created by individuals where they would share their thoughts and or information on particular subjects. Blogs usually have a particular structure where the latest entry called a “post” is on top or in other words it is the first entry you see followed by previous entries or posts.

To get a more in depth understanding of what is blogging see this article here. The abbreviated version is what follows. Blogging began in the later part of the 1990’s with the creation of web publishing platforms that enabled the average person with no special training in HTML or FTP and other kinds of code previously required if a person wanted to publish their own website.

Over the last half dozen years or so blogging has grown from a means of sharing information to a widely recognized way to make money online. A term emerged a few years ago called “web 2.0” which is where websites started to become more interactive. Blogging and social media sites were the beginning of this new and very popular trend and this was a huge evolution in advertising.

For businesses that had just started to get their arms around the ability as well as the necessity of advertising online now were having to understand this new evolution referred to as Web 2.0. It was no longer just enough to have an internet presence or a fancy website now they had to learn how to interact with their customers and prospective customers online.

I digress… So what is blogging and how to make money with a blog.

If you are able to create a blog and continue to publish fresh quality content on the blog you will begin to get followers as well as more credibility with the search engines that will in turn begin to move you up higher and higher in search results. Which will in turn bring you more and more traffic and that traffic becomes quite valuable for advertising.

To take advantage of that valuable advertising space you could engage in affiliate marketing by placing ads for products that relate to the niche of your blog. This is probably the easiest way to monetize your blog. Affiliate programs are widely available online and easy to promote.

By far, and I mean very far the most amazing and profitable affiliate program I have ever found to promote online is Empower Network. Click on those words to explore that program. Not only will they pay you 100% of the proceeds you produce they will also provide you with the blogging platform and very extensive training on how to make it work.

Another way to monetize your blog is to offer advertising space on your blog. Advertising takes the lion’s share of revenue on the internet. Facebook and Google alone bring in billions of dollars every year and they report that 60% of their income comes from advertising.

Probably the best way concerning how to make money with a blog is to sell your own product. If creating your own product sounds like more work than you had in mind you could go to a company where you can earn 100% commissions on selling products that they created. The best place I have ever seen for that is CLICK HERE.

That’s all I have for now but I hope that this is helpful to you if you are trying to understand what is blogging and how to make money with a blog.


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