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work at homeWork at home is a dream for so many these days. With the popularity of the internet if you know what you’re doing the desire to work at home should be an attainable goal for most anyone that has the resources and the commitment to make it happen.

Work at home opportunities today are available that can enable people to create incomes that rival those of a doctor, attorney, engineer, CPA or any other high paid professional.

Have you ever wondered why professionals are able to charge such high fees for their time? Is their time really worth hundreds of dollars per hour?

If you have ever hired an attorney you quickly found that it would cost you hundreds of dollars per hour for his or her time. But are you really paying for their time? No. You are paying for their education.

You see it is the many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars they have invested in their education that you are actually paying for.

You have probably heard before: An Investment in Education Pays the Best Dividends.

That is a very true statement and one that must be understood if you intend to make a substantial income with a work at home business.

It has always caused me to pause and scratch my head when I meet people that say they want to work at home and create a six or even seven figure income doing so. While that is entirely possible in the modern internet age we live in, it will rarely happen to anyone unless they are willing to invest in their education first.

So often I see people that are “trying” to create a substantial income with a work at home opportunity however they fail to show up for the trainings offered by their support team or the company they are trying to build their business with.

That is like trying to be a professional football player with a dream of playing in the Super Bowl but failing to show up for practice!

Let’s face it if you are a professional ball player and you do not show up for practice you get FIRED! You most certainly are not going to play in the game, I mean if they are real short on players they may allow you to sit on the bench as a back-up player for a game or two at least until they find your replacement.

work at homeSucceeding with a work at home business is no different than any other vocation you may want to pursue in your life. If you do not invest the time and energy into gaining the education that is required to make the big money with your work at home business, you’re just not going to make the big money.

So if you’re heart is set on making a full-time income while you work at home it is absolutely essential that you spend a great deal of time getting the education you need to be successful with your work at home business.

That means you attend every conference call, you attend every local meeting and you attend every conference or convention that is made available to you.

When I first started with a company that I intended to grow a six figure income with I approached my business as if the company was already paying me ten grand a month. Therefore when an event was scheduled such as a conference call, local meeting or convention I didn’t have to wonder if I would attend I only had to figure out how I was going to get there.

Attending the training was not an option I considered it mandatory. I mean when a company is paying you ten grand a month attending a meeting is not optional it is part of your job. Even when they were not paying me anything yet I treated my business as if they were.

You must approach your work at home business the same way if you ever intend to earn a six figure income with it.

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